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Print, motion, 3D animation and web desgin

Mikota Design Group
Ray Mikota design

Fire Fly Bike Lights

page 2 of Firefly Bike Lights

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Flowertyme Ashland Oregon
Mikota Design Group, button example

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Mikota Design Group can help you take your business to the next level.

Design, production and marketing.  Over 25 years experience servicing clients as large as Asante and Mitsubishi to the the one man/woman show down the street.

Film/video production, television, web, radio and print marketing, web/graphic design and marketing. Our award-winning team works with you to create the best direction and look for your business.

Our services also include: Motion graphics, 3D animation, Product Demos, Product Mock up, Branding, Web development, SEO, search engine optimization, and print.

We have SEO starter packages as low as $200.00 which has been enough to get Local business on the first page of all search engines.  Ray Mikota can address social marketing, yelp, pay per click ads and business related links.  We can also clean up any old and wrong address, phone numbers or questionable business listings.

Our goal is to make your message clean, clear and attractive.

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